Lettered Habrosyne, Habrosyne scripta, #6235

6235 - Habrosyne scripta - Lettered Habrosyne

May has been a very busy month, certainly moreso than I had expected, and I’m finding some of my different pursuits have fallen a bit by the wayside. Although I have continued to regularly put out my moth equipment on the warmer nights, I’ve found myself running out of time to write up any in-depth posts, and so I end up not posting anything at all. I’ll try to get to those longer subjects periodically, but in the meantime I’d still like to share some of the stuff I’m catching, so I’m going to try shorter daily or semi-daily posts highlighting one of the species I’ve caught recently.

I’m starting with this one, which I got a few nights ago. The Lettered Habrosyne is one of two similar-looking species (the other is Glorious Habrosyne). They’re both very spiffy moths, with detailed markings across their forewings. The key to identification between these two is the slope of the white line along the outside of the gray forewing patch – in the Lettered it’s a gradual curve, while in the Glorious it’s more sharply angled.

It’s an uncommon to rare moth of southern Canada and the northern US, occurring from coast to coast within this middle band. It’s associated with birches and species in the genus Rubus, which includes raspberries, blackberries, and several others. The adults are on the wing from May through August.

2 responses to “Lettered Habrosyne, Habrosyne scripta, #6235

  1. It’s a very pretty moth.

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