Luna Moth, Actias luna, #7758

7758 - Actias luna - Luna Moth (2)

This Luna Moth is the first one I’ve seen. Although they’re found throughout the east, I’d hadn’t been lucky enough to catch one at the locations I’d mothed last spring. They are pretty unmistakable moths, with their beautiful long tails and soft green colour. One of the things that really struck me about the adult I caught was the large, feathery antennae. Its caterpillars are generalists, feeding on alder, beech, cherries, hazelnut, hickories, pecan, sweet gum, and willows (surely there has to be at least one of those in your area…). In the north here they fly from May to July, but in the south they can have as many as three broods and are seen for most of the year, March through September.

One response to “Luna Moth, Actias luna, #7758

  1. Melissa in Nashville, TN


    An old friend of mine dropped by last night and our long chat led to us scrolling through some pictures on her phone. She stopped on a snapshot that she took of one of these moths and began excitedly telling me how spectacular it was and that she had never seen one like it. I returned the excitement by grabbing my camera to show her photos that I took of the same type of moth just weeks before.

    Both of us are Nashville natives and these instances are the first we have ever seen these incredible winged creatures. They must have just recently found their way to our region. . .

    I am not a follower of insect life by any means, but these moths wowed us both enough to snap photos of them. They truly are little materpieces and I am so pleased that this site quickly IDed this species for me. Thank you!

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