Welcome to NAMBI!

Beautiful Wood-Nymph - Hodges#9301 (Eudryas grata)

The North American Moths Backyard Inventory (NAMBI) is a new initiative that I’ve started with the hopes of beginning a new database on range and abundance information for the moths of North America. It’s my hope that this project will eventually reach the level of popularity enjoyed by such citizen science projects as the Great Backyard Bird Count, the Blogger Bio Blitz, International Rock-flipping Day, and others.

Most vertebrates, like birds, and many of the flashy invertebrates, such as butterflies, are fairly well-documented for North America. Birding is a popular pasttime, and even butterflying is garnering a stronger following. However, mothing is still not a common activity. As a result, so little is currently known about moths that everyone has the opportunity to contribute valuable data. Your sightings could be a first county or state/provincial record! Even species that have been documented for your area before may not exist in a formal database, and so the data you collect will be very important.

Participating is easy. There’s no set date, weekend or week. Participate as often or as infrequently as you like. Simply check your back porch light, set up a sheet and blacklight, or put out a light trap or sugar goop if you want. Invite some friends over and make a social event of it, or enjoy the peace and quiet by yourself. Set up in your backyard, go down the street to your neighbourhood nature patch, or see what you get while you’re out camping. How you go about it is completely up to you!

I hope that NAMBI participants will contribute to this blog to share their adventures and photos from mothing. If you would like to share your stories here on the blog, please contact me to be added as a blog author. Everyone is welcome to join, so don’t be shy! Also be sure to share your photos with other participants at the NAMBI Flicker Group!

For more information on the project or how to participate, please check out these links (also at the top of the page):

How to participate
How to see moths
Blog buttons and banners

2 responses to “Welcome to NAMBI!

  1. Roger R. Belliveau

    This morning we saw a very very beautiful “BIG” moth pertched on the lower side of our gazebo . The wingspan of this critter must be all of 5 in. wide and the colors of it had to be invented by God himself.. Huge thing ..Have pictures of it.. roger73@rogers.com I live in the Sout-Eastern part of New Brunswick , Canada …Roger Belliveau

  2. I found a moth that I have no way of knowing and I would like to leave a picture of it and you may now what it as how can I leave a picture.

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