The Moth and Me #9

It’s been three long, empty months, but just as our moths are beginning to return to our porch lights here in the northern hemisphere, so too does The Moth and Me make a return to the blogosphere. The Moth and Me #9 is now up at Xenogere. Jason shares with us an encounter and conversation with a female Woolly Gray, Lycia ypsilon – a species of moth where the females lack functional wings. Into his story he weaves all of this month’s great contributions. Make sure you pop over to check it out!

6651 - Lycia ursaria - Stout Spanworm (3)

Not a Woolly Gray, but related. This is my local species of Lycia: a Stout Spanworm, Lycia ursaria. Looks similar. This one's a male. They'll be on the wing soon.

One response to “The Moth and Me #9

  1. I am trying to figure out how to subscribe to your blog as I would like to be updated about everything that is Moth oriented. Please advise.

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