The Half-wing

6658 - Phigalia titea - The Half-Wing

With spring finally upon us, I’m going to try to make most of the moths I’m posting more appropriate to the season – using photos of actual moths from this year, if possible. I’ve already got over a dozen species seen so far this year, and the list will keep on growing. First up: one of the first geometrids on the wing in the spring.

The Half-wing
Phigalia titea
Hodges #6658
Deciduous woods.
Late winter through early-spring.
Gets its common name from the flightless females, whose wings are stunted.

2 responses to “The Half-wing

  1. I keep hoping to see a Phigalia other than a Toothed, but so far no luck. 😦

  2. No Phigalias here in central Jersey yet, but they should be showing up any day now (especially since cankerworm moths are out and about). Last year Phigalias beat out cankerworms for “First of the Season” honors.

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