Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Luna Moth
Actias luna
Hodges #7758
Deciduous hardwood forests
Mid-spring to mid-summer in north; early spring to early fall in south.

7758 - Actias luna - Luna Moth (2)

3 responses to “Luna Moth

  1. Ahhh, the Luna Moth. I’ve only been blessed a few times with the sight of a Luna, but it is a defiinitely a “time stands still” moment for me when I do see one. ~karen

  2. They are beautiful! Ive walked outside several times in the last couple days and there have been two different ones on my front porch. Ive taken pictures of both and my children think they are great!

  3. Three of these beauties sunning themselves on the rock facade of the house. I wondered why they were there then realized I left the exterior light above the garage on all night. Surprise!

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