Definite Tussock Moth

Definite Tussock Moth

Definite Tussock Moth
Orgyia definita
Hodges #8314
Deciduous forests and orchards.
Spring through fall in south; late summer through fall in north.

2 responses to “Definite Tussock Moth

  1. His antennas are different than most of the rest. They look like men’s combs. Now, what are the 2 appendages sticking out in front. Are they legs? What a handsome moth. Can’t wait for your moth guide to be published, then I won’t have to ask so many stupid questions! ~karen

    • In some moths, the males have comb-like antennae which increase the surface area of their pheromone-receptors, allowing them more sensitive detection of the pheromones of females. In other species, though, both sexes have either comb-like or straight antennae.

      Yup, the front appendages are legs. It’s a distinctive habit the Orgyia tussock moths have when at rest – again, something that can’t be illustrated with pinned specimens. I’m looking forward to getting the guide out, too – wish the timeline was a little faster!

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