Lappet Moth

7687 - Phyllodesma americana - Lappet Moth (2)

Lappet Moth
Phyllodesma americana
Hodges #7687
Variety of habitats.
Flies spring through mid-summer (north) or fall (south).

4 responses to “Lappet Moth

  1. Well, now, he’s a pretty funny looking guy. At first glance, doesn’t look at all like something that’s alive! Love his colors. I see a quilt in that!

    • Would love to see a quilt designed after this guy!

      It’s moths like this that make the spread-specimen field guides so difficult to use. Easy field marks like the hind wings sticking out from underneath and perpendicular to the forewings aren’t relayed when the moth is spread and pinned.

  2. I’d love to see one of these someday; they are so cool-looking and I’m kind of fond of Slug Caterpillar Moths to begin with… 🙂

    • They’re relatively common up this way, Jennifer; during their flight period I can pretty much count on getting a couple in my trap on any given night. I’m big on the Slugs, too!

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