Common Grass-veneer

Common Grass-veneer

Common Grass-veneer
Crambus praefectellus
Hodges #5355
Fields, weedy areas, grassy areas.
Flies spring through fall.

3 responses to “Common Grass-veneer

  1. Pretty streamlined looking fella’, with a face only a mother could love!

    • The grass-veneers are a pretty neat group of moths, KaHolly, and make up a large portion of those pale fluttery moths that you kick up out of the grass when you walk through a meadow. The fuzzy bits in front of the eyes are palps as opposed to an actual snout (though it looks very snouty) and are used in detecting pheromones.

  2. Pretty fascinating. I learned about how moths use their palps for detecting pheromones just today!! (Altho’ I confess, I didn’t know they were called ‘palps’. ~karen

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