The Moth and Me #4

Another busy month has come and gone! Dan and I are in the throes of moving plans, preparing to vacate this house and settle into the new one at the end of the month. In between all that we’re trying to get some work done, and I’ve also been going out to help Dan with his fieldwork, which requires rising at 3:30am and unavoidably cuts into my evening blogging time. Whew! At least, once we’re moved, we should have a bit more time for things I hope. I’ve been continuing to post to my primary blog, The Marvelous in Nature, but my other pursuits are being squeezed.

For this edition of The Moth and Me, I thought I’d try something a little different. Included below are photos taken from each post. I haven’t given any details about any of the moths shown here for a reason. I’m offering a contest to readers: visit each link and find out the name of the moth (common is fine, scientific if no common is given), and the country that the moth is from (ie., the home country of the blog). Email me with your answers (sanderling [at] symbiotic [dot] ca) on or before Thursday June 25th. Include “TMaM contest” in your subject line so it doesn’t get lost in my inbox.

Everyone who has all of the answers correct will be entered into a draw for a $5 gift certificate (or the Amazon appropriate to your country). So okay, it’s not the $20,000 that Canon Canada is giving away, but I rather suspect your odds are better, and it certainly involves less work. And who wouldn’t like $5 off that book they’ve been eyeing for the last month?

Without further ado, the moths for this month. Good luck!

#1. Ben Cruachan
Ben Cruachan

#2. Beetles in the Bush
Beetles in the Bush

#3. Catalogue of Organisms
catalogue of organisms

#4. Gossamer Tapestry

#5. Martin’s Moths
Martin's Moths

#6. Medlar Comfits
Medlar Comfits

#7. Mersea Wildlife
Mersea Wildlife

#8. MostlyMacro

#9. The Natural Stone
Natural Stone

#10. The Nature of Robertson
Nature of Robertson

#11. North Downs and Beyond
North downs

#12. The Ohio Nature Blog
Ohio Nature

#13. A Passion for Nature
Passion for Nature

#14. Rich Ford’s Birding Diary
Rich Ford

#15. Roundtop Ruminations
Roundtop Ruminations

#16. Sense of Misplaced
Sense of Misplaced

#17. St Margaret’s at Cliffe Photo Diary
St Margaret's

#18. Urban Moths
Urban Moths

#19. Willow House Chronicles
Willow House

#20. Yorkshire Moths
Yorkshire Coast

#21. The Marvelous in Nature
Marvelous in nature

All photos copyright their respective photographers/bloggers.

11 responses to “The Moth and Me #4

  1. Hi Seabrooke – what a fun idea. Thanks for including my post, and I’ll see what I can come up with for the contest.

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  3. Another nice one Seabrooke, see you again next spring!

    • Thanks, Duncan! You’ve been my only regular contributor, so it will be sad to see you pack up for the winter! Have a restful offseason!

  4. Thanks for adding me! Some interesting looking critters here.

    • I apologize for missing you when I first posted it! I admit to having forgotten you’d written it, so many new posts have gone up in the interim. 🙂

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  8. Hi, found you while trying to locate a site where I could identify an amazing gigantic moth (well I don’t believe it’s a butterfly, but I may be wrong) that landed on my front porch today. I’ve never seen one like this before! May I send you a photo so you could perhaps identify please? You seem well versed in moths of every description.

    Look forward to hearing from you – you can e-mail me here –

    Many thanks, Mary.

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