Nais Tiger Moth, Apantesis nais, #8171

8171 - Apantesis nais - Nais Tiger Moth

Tiger Moths are one of those groups of moths that always manage to impress, particularly the tan-and-black species. This one is a Nais Tiger Moth, found throughout most of the east, from Maine to Florida, west to Texas. It flies through most of the year, but is most common in the early summer months. It lays its eggs on a variety of low-growing plants including various grasses, clover, violets, and others. There are a number of tan-and-black tigers, probably the moths that give the group its name, and telling them apart can be a bit tricky, involving a combination of forewing and hindwing patterns as well as range and flight dates. In the case of this one, the thick vein lines, relatively unmarked outer area on the forewing, and thick black band on the pink hindwing all point to Nais.

3 responses to “Nais Tiger Moth, Apantesis nais, #8171

  1. I just had one of these crawling in my garage. I managed to gently get it on my hand where it crawled around very fast and finally flew off. I never seen one and am glad I was able to identify it on your webpage. Thanks!!

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  3. satellite gimp

    Great information! Thanks for posting!

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