The first moth of spring

9936 - Eupsilia morrisoni - Morrison's Sallow

The first moth of the season! A Morrison’s Sallow, Eupsilia morrisoni, it came to the security light that illuminates our driveway. They are relatively common and widespread, and among the earliest to emerge in the spring, having spent the winter tucked into some crevice or nook as an adult moth. They will occasionally make appearances during the winter on exceptionally warm days/evenings. Often, after a warm, sunny afternoon, this and other overwintering species may show up at your lights during the first hour or two after dusk. Surprisingly, this one arrived at the light about midnight, after the temperature had dropped to 2 C (36 F). A welcome herald of spring to come, nonetheless!

2 responses to “The first moth of spring

  1. I am trying to classify a moth i have never seen befor i have a pic if you can help just tell me where to send it to. thanks

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